First Appearence New Eurovision Songs Simulator #1
Best Finish 2nd ESS #2 SF
Worst Finish 9th ESS #2,#3,#4 Final
Apearences 5
Natural Selection None
Related Countries Israel Israel

Ireland debuted on the first edition of the Eurovision Songs Simulator. Shiri Maimon represented country with song "Hasheket shenish'ar". She reached 7th position in final. In ESS#2 Ivi Adamou were chosen to represent country at the contest. She performed 1st at semi final one and ended 2nd with 97 points, that meanted that Ireland qualified for the final. At the final Ireland earned 9th place. In ESS#3 up to the 4th edition Ireland got 9th place at the Final. In the 5th edition Ireland's representative was Cascada with song "Everytime We Touch". At the quarter final she reached 7th place and qualified to the semi final. At the 2nd semi final she performed 2nd and earned 120, 3rd place and qualification to the final. At the final Ireland reached the same 3rd place with 136 points, it is the best place for Ireland in the final.

Ireland is the only country that reached the Top 10 in all editions.


Ireland participated in all editions. Ireland is confirmed for ESS #6 with "Dinle"

ESS Artist Song Final Points Semi Points Quarter Points
#1 Shiri Maimon "Hasheket shenish'ar" 7th 81 AQ AQ


#2 Ivi Adamou "La La Love" 9th 102 2nd 97
#3 Sirkus Eliassen "I Love You Te Quiero" 9th 104 4th 100
#4 Moran Mazor "Rak Bishvilo" 9th 101 7th 55
#5 Cascada "Everytime We Touch" 3rd 136 3rd 120 7th 57
#6 Sebnem Paker & Group Ethnic "Dinle" AQ AQ N/A

Voting historyEdit


Shiri Maimon represented Ireland in ESS#1


Moran Mazor represented Ireland in ESS#4

As of ESS#5, Irelands voting history is as follows:

Most points given in the grand finals only
Rank Country Points
1 Sweden Sweden 37
2 Belgium Belgium 22
3 Croatia Croatia 20
4 Romania Romania 18
Poland Poland 18

Most points given in the semi finals only
Rank Country Points
1 CroatiaCroatia 20
2 MonacoMonaco 15
SlovakiaSlovakia 15
4 IcelandIceland 14
5 SerbiaSerbia 13
Most points given in the quarter finals only
Rank Country Points
1 Cyprus2Cyprus 12
2 Norway Norway 10
3 France2 France 8
4 Albania Albania 7
5 United kingdom United Kingdom 6
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