First Appearence New Eurovision Songs Simulator #1
Best Finish 2nd ESS #1 SF
Worst Finish 24th ESS #2 Final
Apearences 3
Natural Selection None
Related Countries None

Lithuania debuted in ESS#1 with song "Sattelite", it qualified to the final and reached 14th place. For the second edition Lithuania sent Anmary with song "Beautiful Song". She qualified to the final and placed 24th in it. Then Lithuania missed two contests. In ESS#5 Lithuania failed to qualify to semi final.


Lithuania participated in 3 editions of 5 of ESS contest. It is unknown if Lithuania will participate in ESS#6.

ESS Artist Song Final Points Semi Points Quarter Points
#1 Lena "Satellite" 14th 68 2nd 139


#2 Anmary "Beautiful Song" 24th 33 9th 53
#5 Cascada "The World Is In My Hands" X X X X 9th 39

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